Blog: 5 Things ULTA Made me Buy

  • Lime Crime Venus Palettes – I honestly would have never spent the money on these full price + shipping from the Lime Crime website. These palettes are a cult-favorite and have a really good reputation amongst makeup enthusiasts (despite the controversies the brand was involved with). I got the first two during the Spring time 21 days of beauty and the Venus 3 recently when it was also half off from the Ulta website. I don’t regret buying them because they are indeed pretty good. Unpopular opinion though, My favorite is the Venus 2 palette.
  • Too Faced Sweethearts and Love Flush blushes – The Sweethearts blushes were purchased a couple years ago from the 21 days of beauty sale. I never would have gotten those either but they were such a good deal at the time for 50% off. I regret buying these because they turned out to be really glittery on the cheeks, but I kept them because the colors were so nice. The Love Flush blushes though, are really great. I only own 4 of them because the other shades were too shimmery or I didn’t like the color but the shade Baby Love is one of my all-time favorite shades and blush formulas.
  • Real Techniques & Eco Tools – I could get these at Walmart too, but Ulta always has a buy 1 get 1 50% off promotion on these brands and I simply cannot pass those up. These two brands make some of my favorite brushes across the board and for such amazing price too! I highly recommend the Real Techniques blush brush and the Instapop Cheek brush, as well as the Eco Tools precision blush brush and Full Powder brush. AMAZING!!!
  • Bare Minerals – Everything I own from bareminerals, I got from Ulta. The couple stores near me have a really nice selection so it allows me to try and swatch them before I purchase. They’ve always kept good stocks too versus to the actual Bareminerals store near me.
  • Essence Cosmetics – there’s only a few things I like from this brand and they are so inexpensive it would be hard to meet the minimum amount needed to get free shipping and it would be ridiculous to pay $7.99 shipping for a $4 highlighter, don’t you think?

How about you? What are some of the things Ulta made you buy? Leave it in the comments below!

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