We all learn, sometimes.

26 and tired. —  that’s me in 3 words.

I guess I am at a point in my life where I am in a crisis; one where you keep sinking, regardless of the paddling — for a while I have been denying it, but now I am accepting it. finally accepting it.

Remember when your parents (or your friends) tell you “it’s gonna be okay…” and then you immediately (or not immediately) start to self-soothe? — this is the first time in my entire life that I am beginning to wrap my head around those few words and believing in each one of them, and then start self-soothing.

I was wrong all those years to just proceed with convincing myself that I was going to be fine after hearing those words, not realizing or understanding that it means you need to believe it, that you need to do something about what’s happening so that things eventually turn out to be “okay“.

Nothing is instant. Not even your instant coffee.


Fall seven times, get up eight.

I don’t know how many times I fell already, can’t say it was easy getting up, heck! looking at the state I’m at, I can’t even tell if I actually got up at all.

Maybe, I’m holding myself back. Maybe, I hesitate too much? or Maybe, I haven’t tried hard enough.

That’s for me to find out.


4 thoughts on “We all learn, sometimes.

  1. Kanina pinag-uusapan nila Mama at ng friends niya na noon, pag nasa 21 ka na, dapat medyo mature ka na. Ngayon pag 25, parang ang bagets pa din, marami pang pwedeng gawin. Pag tumapak ka na ng trenta, dun mo na mako-consider yung sarili mo na matanda na. Ako man ligaw-ligaw pa din talaga at medyo gusto ko na sanang mahanap yung tamang way para sa maayos na buhay. 🙂 *hugs*


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