Full Review & Swatches: LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints

If you have been curious about these lip paints for a while now and still haven’t jumped into the train like everybody, do not fret!

Today, i will be giving you my thoughts and swatches on these LA girl lip paints. I have 10 out of the 24 colors to share with you today. I will be showing you arm swatches as well as lip swatches because I feel those two things are different.Processed with Moldiv

Top (L-R) Whisper, Elude, Flirt, Blushing, Gleam

Bottom (L-R) Whimsical, Bombshell, Pin Up, Daring, Seducea Whisper – Cool, Beigey Pink, Matte color (no shimmer)b

Elude – Salmon toned Pink, good for fairer complexions, Matte color (no shimmer)c

Flirt – neon coral with pink tones, good for fairer skin tones, no shimmer.d Blushing – Dusty Rose, slightly mauve-toned pink. No shimmer.eGleam – Coppery, burnt orange with a hint of brown it also has Gold flecks.f Whimsical – Light pink with lilac tones, no shimmer.gBombshell – Bright Reddish Fuchsia, no shimmer.hPin Up – True Red with a slight orange undertonei Daring – Deep Purply berry color, can be compared to pure heroine by MAC, No shimmerj

Seduce – Vibrant purple leaning towards the fuchsia side, comparable to MAC Violetta, No shimmer

Over all, I felt like these products are good liquid lipsticks, the darker colors I can say are even better, in the sense that they leave a pleasant stain on the lips so that when the initial application has faded, it leaves a nice color on your lips.

More on the pros of this product;

They are very pigmented and the variation you get from one color is quite impressive.

They may be applied as a light wash of color on your lips and this leaves a very light glossy finish, as you build up your application, the color pay-off becomes more intense and the finish becomes glossier.






Blushing dabbed over the lips as a stain








Blushing applied in 2 coats


You can totally mix a couple of these colors together to create your custom shade. I like to mix some Whimsical with Seduce to create a dupe for MAC’s Up the Amp.

My favorites would have to be Blushing and Daring, probably Gleam, too if it hadn’t been for the frosted finish, because those colors are ones that I would typically go for, and I think that their pigmentation is really spot-on compared to the others. The lighter colors, while equally pigmented tend to be streaky compared to the darker colors.

These things stay on pretty well as glosses, but they transfer on a lot (including on your teeth, see pictures) so you have to be mindful about your teeth when you smile, but when you do the finger-in-your-mouth trick to get rid of the excess lipstick around your inner lips, it seems to be much less problematic. I think the lighter ones are better when topped over a lipstick or lipliner because like I said; they tend to be streaky on their own. Also, I haven’t experienced bleeding on the darker colors, even the red one, which is great! Finally, over time these lip paints dry to a satin or demi-matte finish, which is about my favorite thing about them.

They are very afforable, they range from P185 – P300 in the Philippines depending on where you get them. I got (4) from @usphilboutique for P645 but that was a limited time bundle, she normally sells them for P185 but they are on a pre-order basis. I got the other six from @makeupholics for P200 each and they have all 24 colors available on hand, so no need to wait 🙂

If you are not a fan of online shopping, you can get them at the SM Store Beauty Section for P300 each but the color selection is very limited.

There’s a couple of things I wanted to mention about this product that are minute details that matter to some of us, because these did to me, before I decided to get all 10 of them.

First of all, these come in tubes with screw top covers that could be annoying to some, but I personally don’t mind it, as long as I don’t forget where I put the cap down, I should be fine. The packaging is nice because these things make it easier for you to maximize your usage by squeezing all the product out of the tube.

Also, this product has a peppermint-y smell that turned me off in the beginning, because I don’t like scents in my makeup, specially my lipsticks, but the scent subsides and the cooling-tingly sensation that comes with the minty smell goes away too.

Finally, they don’t have doe-foot applicators at the ends like the “Melted” ones have, and those things help in the ease of application, but I don’t mind that these things don’t have them because those things suck up the product and they can be pretty unhygienic too, overtime.

I personally prefer these products to be applied with a brush to get the full glossy finish or with my ring finger for a natural / lip stain feel on the lips.

Over- all I think these products are good for their price, If you love lip paint style lip colors, this little guys would make a great addition to your collection. I appreciate the extensive variety of colors,  portability, and packaging. I am not a big fan of lip paints, myself because they usually have a glossy finish. However, when they dry and set as satin to demi-matte like these things do, they’re not hard to fall in love with.

That’s it for this review and swatches of the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints, I hope that this was helpful to some of you, please follow my blog, NEW INSTAGRAM, if you haven’t already.

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