First time, Time First

Living a bum life for 2 weeks now.

This however does not completely mean being planted on a couch or my bed the entire day.

Mostly, I’m out, going to job interviews, attending meetings, depleting my little savings and so far; only to be bored and starved for the majority of the appointment/s. — I figured this is a strategy by most hr offices to easily eliminate their candidates. Thank God for ibooks, combating boredom is so much easier and biscuits that i purposely bring every time i go out so in case i need to wait forever.

The other day was my first time to go on foot to go to an office instead of taking a cab or any public transport (again, depleting savings). I think I must have walked a half, maybe a kilometer to go to the office suddenly under the sun, in my black blazer (thick blazer!), sheer royal blue blouse and a black pencil skirt, and yes I was wearing flats because I did plan on walking. — For interviews, I make sure I wear heels (for sophistication) and that I look fresh but this time (as a first) I let sweat be collateral damage on my outfit… (don’t worry, not baskil) and comfort was put first instead of fashion.

I had two meetings that day. I almost walked out of the first one in the middle of the interview because; let’s say she pulled a string and ticked a small booby trap in me. She did not even look at my portfolio saying she isn’t interested in my “artistry” (yes she made the ” ” gesture), but I managed to calm my storm, finishing the interview and declining her request for another one, with me saying: “Thank you Ma’am. But I’m no longer interested in what you have to offer.” — a proud thing to say, yes. But, why would I work for a company who shooed away my portfolio? Doesn’t that equal that they aren’t interested in what else I have to offer despite my common skills? and I mean, who does that?

First time to almost walk-out of an interview, and first time for someone to shoo away my work. Please let me know if this work is shoo-worthy: maybe, I’d call her to apologize.

Anyway, I left that office, hungry and pissed at around 12:30 but I didn’t stop for lunch and walked another kilometer or less to the next office for another interview. The office was posh and very modern but it was freaking hot, there was no air conditioning in the lobby where they pile the applicants. They made me wait for 2 hours, and made me take 2 sets of exams for 30 minutes before someone attended to me (after I poked at the office) — At the time, I was really, really really hungry, I think my large intestines ate the small already. — the interview went swell.

This petite operations manager was in Michael Antonio shoes and an Herve Leger number, she not only admired my makeup and eyebrows but also personally asked to see my work, if I had brought my portfolio with me (which was a first, I usually offer it as courtesy) She asked for my card (in case they need a back-up make-up artist for their shoots) and she said she’ll schedule me another interview within the week and then we’ll see how it goes from there.

Hungry, tired and almost dehydrated, I was not going home a bad case of failure. Thanks to that petite bundle of fashion and those cute yellow Michael Antonio shoes.

These were the shoes by the way: 

4 thoughts on “First time, Time First

  1. i’m happy that you’re finally pursuing your first love – being a make-up artist!. so proud when you almost-walkout of one of the interviews. you deserve so much more than that treatment. will pray that the other one would have a positive response. keep me updated ganda. basta ako i believe in your talent and artistry. ayan ha walang ” “. 😉


  2. Ang ganda ng shoes ni madam! 🙂 Tama si sis Elaine, buti naman at binibigyan mo na ng chance ang tunay na dapat mong ginagawa! At sana maging kasinggaling mo kong magmake-up balang-araw. 🙂


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