Tutorial: How to create a simple cat eye liner

A lot of my friends have been asking me to do a tutorial or a demo on how I do my eyeliner.

Actually, this is pretty long overdue, but all the same I’m posting it.

I start in the inner corner going outward as seen in figure 1,2 & 3.
Figure 4 shows how I create the wing from the outer corner going outward as well.
If you are satisfied with the thickness you can stop at figure 4, but i wasn’t, so i went over it again to make the line thicker, as shown in figure 5 🙂
And that’s it 🙂

Tip: for sure there will be gaps between your line and your lashline, be sure to fill those in. If you can tightline your upper lashline as well, all the better! It creates a bolder, more defined eyes.

Now, this tutorial shows the basic stuff, creating the shape is an entirely different thing, the shape of your eyes as well as the kind of line you want to achieve may differ in the manner of drawing the line.


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