I survived 2012

The Mayans predicted the end of the world a few days ago, 12-21-2012.

But here I am, preparing my thoughts on what to write about 2012.

To most of my friends, 2012 was a great year, to me; it was a disaster. It was a year of heartaches, failures, disappointments and painful revelations. It was a year of surviving, I may say literally and figuratively.

2012 was the year I made bad decisions, false friends and was the year I trusted the wrong people and neglected the right ones.

Not even the closest of my friends truly knew or knew entirely what I had gone through, what I had to endure 365 waking days of my life last year. Mostly because I was ashamed and afraid of my own failures that I tried to deal with them on my own and maybe because somehow, I knew that I brought all of them to myself.

I texted one of my closest friends on new year’s to thank her for being part of my year, I also told her that in the end, I survived and that’s what matters. — She told me I was a fighter and that I am an amazing woman.

Which brings me to my biggest realization.

“Whatever I do good, I will do better.” cos certainly, nothing was right in 2012.

from the man I loved, to the work I got, to the people I met and the many things in between, NOTHING was right… So for this year, I will not only do good at surviving, I will be better at it.

Acceptance is what I need. I have no room for self-pity and awe anymore, I’ve made room for the wrong pains in my life, this time I really need to get things right. God, My Family and about a handful of the right people should be enough, because I know, I can’t do everything on my own, and that too, I have accepted.

So, 2012. I am the bigger bitch for surviving you.

Bring it on 2013!

One thought on “I survived 2012

  1. Pangarap ko makapagkape ulet tayong tatlo (sa gb3) mga supers at makapagkwentuhan nang mahaba. alam mo ganda, pangit man ang 2012 sayo, someday matatawa ka nalang pag-maisip mo yang taon na yan ulit. 😉 ikaw pa? you’ve been through a lot already, and i know how much stronger you are now bec. of those. cheers to 2013!


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