Blogged: Mega Fashion Crew Episode 4

If you haven’t seen this episode, ETC will be running an encore this coming Monday, Dec. 30,2013 at 7pm and January 4, 2014 at 10am on ETC, where else? 🙂

On this episode, it’s the Hairstylists turn to be the creative directors as we create a “Beauty Queen” for our Mega Campaign.

Originally, my crew wanted to create a beauty queen that represented the ones who lost , in the form of a runner-up.
We wanted to show a poised, strong, glamorous and beautiful woman despite not winning the crown.
I wanted to go low-key on the makeup because this was a hair styling challenge, the idea was to create this big and detailed hair bun, paired with a gorgeous long gown… but apparently, we were to be tested yet again with our available resources.

We had very limited choices on the wardrobe and accessories, we couldn’t pull off the first idea we were aiming for with the resources we had, so on the last minute… We decided to go for a 60’s passe beauty queen.

The back story is, she is a former beauty queen who never got over her title, she’s become very conceited and vain, but she’s confident and independent. Her hair, basically has become her crown, rather a metaphor for her crown.

So, the first thing that came to mind when we decided we’re doing 60’s was “POP ART”!
I had to scrap the whole low-key look for our model and went warhol with the makeup… and here’s our work


Model: Catherine Almirante

We got second place on this challenge, our hairstyling was applauded because it was very cohesive with everything else that we did, and because it was all of Catherine’s hair. No extensions at all.

But despite this episode being a hairstylist’s challenge, my makeup was appreciated and given praise by the judges. One of my favorite makeup artists, Mickey See loved my work! ❤ and so did Mr. Francis Libiran, Allison Harvard and Suki Salvador.


Me with Mickey See ❤

It was such a great experience, hearing his comments off cam too. 🙂 Image

Me and Mr. Francis Libiiran

 When I came to introduce myself to him (and asked to have a photo with him) he said: “Yes! Ikaw yung gumawa ng pop art! Galing galing!” It was hard not to let my jaw drop. 🙂 He even left me a comment on instagram saying that he loves my work and that I should always believe in myself. FTW! haha!

This has been such a fun episode for me and my crew, my temper was tested, but of course none of that went on air :p

There’s going to be more news in the coming weeks. Please keep watching and supporting me and my crew. The competition is yet to get tougher, the challenges harder, and the pressure is definitely on.

Until next time,

❤ Gia

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