Blogged: How to Depot a Lipstick using a spatula

If you’ve read my previous post on how to depot a lipstick, here’s another way to do it without using heat  and with (soooo much) less product wasted 🙂


1. You’ll need a lipstick, a spatula and a container.
This is just an ordinary spatula I’ve had for ages, the acrylic case / lipstick palette I’m using right now is from my stash
but you can get your own spatula and acrylic case from Digital Traincase 🙂 — they’re currently cooking up a sale so, be on the watch for that, too. 🙂
2. Take a portion of your lipstick with your spatula
3. Place in the empty well.
4. Gently press the product into the well
5. Spread evenly
6. and Voila! you’re done!

Clean up is easy, too. You just need to wipe your spatula off a tissue paper and the sides of the well with cotton buds.
Another tip: to make sure you don’t waste the lipstick, scrape small amounts into the well first and then add later on if there’s still space. Usually though, Lipstick palettes are meant to carry at least 4 grams per well, so it’ll pretty much carry any standard sized lippie.


Also, I label the bottom of the palette just so I could identify the colors and for when I need to restock on them. 🙂

I hope this has been helpful to some of you!
Again, if you wanna see another method to depot a lipstick, click here.

Until next time!

❤ Gia

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