Blogged: Oil on Canvas

No, I haven’t started painting or have I acquired a new skill. I have simply applied the concept of “Oil on Canvas” on this concept to be submitted as my final photos for my Fashion Makeup course at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

(Yep, I have also went to school for Makeup, but that’s fairly recent. We can go into that another time, for now I want to share with you the photos on the set 🙂


Like always, I’m excited to share my work to you guys because I usually get good tips and comments and inspiration from other creatives on how I can further improve my work and in some cases, it also allows me to critique my work better and edit for the next time. I also get inspiration from good and encouraging comments. It’s always a nice motivation 🙂

I would like to thank my friend Raecen for taking such amazing photos as always and Shermaine De Ramos of PMAP Models for being such a sport and doing this messy shoot with me in less than 4 hours! :p We actually did 7 layouts, but the other 2 don’t quite belong.

I hope you liked viewing my work as much as I had fun producing it.

Until next time!

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