Blogged: Organized Chaos

Was going through some of my previous works/test shoots and found this set, which me and the photographer agreed to not publish because I would say 90% of most of the layouts were not usable. I’m zipping my mouth as to why, but that fiasco wrecked my mood for the rest of the shoot so I ended up playing my mood into the work. Hence, Chaos.

Anyway, managed to salvage a few shots from the set oh and the magic of cropping is what saved these photos. I ended up liking them after cropping. haha!


ImageMore photos from this shoot here.


Photography: Santy Calalay | Styling: Syper Abel
Hair: Kristine Ramos | Model: Martha Borja | Makeup by yours truly 🙂

Please let me know what you think or share with me if you’ve had any shitty moments on set (as a makeup artist, photographer, hair stylist, fashion stylist) and turned out doing something chaotic but ended up liking it 🙂

Til next time!



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