Blogged: Finally going on youtube! – Warm Neutral Smoky Eye

Hey guys!

So I have finally given in to youtube, you should be able to find me on and I’m going to try and make it a habit to post makeup tutorials, product reviews and whatever else that I feel can and should go on there. I did make a channel some 4 or 5 years ago when I was just starting with makeup but the quality on those videos as well as the overall choices that I did on those videos are not something I’m proud to (re)share, but I give myself props for at least trying, how about that?

I have nothing in mind to begin with on my channel, so I thought… why not a very versatile Warm Neutral Smoky Eye look?

I’m still getting a hang of the captions and figuring out how I can add actual narrations on the videos but for now, I hope this video will do. On the video, I will be mainly concentrating on how I did the eyes and I guess I can come up with a better video of how I did the rest of face.

I provided the list of products on the description box below the video. One thing though, because I haven’t really configured the lighting settings and everything else that should be right on this video, I went and used a darker color foundation in such a way that the camera picks up a consistent color as my natural skin color. When the lights are off though, my makeup is borderline stage makeup / TV makeup, almost like how I wore it when we were doing Mega Fashion Crew tapings, which by the way is not always how full my makeup is.

Moving on! 🙂

The video should be informative of my technique in achieving this look, if you have questions you can direct them here on my blog or via my facebook page or better yet, on youtube! 🙂 The look (or I guess, every one that I will post on the channel) is a mix of high, medium and low end products just because I’ve never really been “brandcentric” or brand conscious as to the products I use, I’m always more concerned about the product performance, color pay-off, staying power and all those relevant factors.

So, before I let you go, here’s a photo of my finished look on the video and I will talk to you guys next time!



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