Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo Gel Cream Eyeshadows

I have always been curious with cream eyeshadows and tried some in the past, but I also have to say that i have given up on these things for a long time now because I have oily eyelids and I found that nothing really stayed in place. It would always cake or crease or in general the color is just not that impressive.

People have been raving and are still raving about this product. So I finally caved in and had to try it for myself.

I got my hands on this little pots at the Maybelline Counter at Landmark Makati. It was almost closing time so I just picked out 2 of the colors that were most neutral and left with them but there were several other colors available.

The first one I got is called Barely Branded. It’s funny how the packaging is in Japanese (I think) and it’s called Color Ink, but the label on the display says it’s Color Tattoo and that it is Barely Branded, so yeah. :)It’s a silvery-pink, kind of like a cream color, that’s definitely shimmery.



The next one is called Bad to the Bronze. Now, this one, to me is a little bit purply or mauvy, like a pink toned brown rather than a bronze. it’s a much deeper color than Barely Branded and is also Warm toned.


So here’s a comparative swatch on the two. The texture on these things remind me of the Urban Decay primer potion in Sin, which is why I placed that in the middle. Bad to the Bronze on the left and Barely Branded to the right


These things are seriously pigmented. For something creamy and shimmery, you wouldn’t believe how matte it feels when it sets. Also, these make for a good eyeshadow base, only you have to work quickly to be able to work them together. And that point brings me to the next. If anything, I’m only concerned about this thing’s ability to move around. Like I said, it tends to set very quickly but I find that it helps if you use this with a brush and you spray some water or fix + on it.  Other than that this product is amazing!!!


They go on smoothly, they don’t AND won’t budge. They are waterproof and  I think you can even go swimming in these! If and when used as a primer, it does hold up the shadows really well, it doesn’t crease, crack over time. Best of all? They are only P379.75 per pot and that is such a great value for your money. Finally, I would also like to say that they can be comparable to the MAC Paint Pots, in terms of the packaging, staying power and pigmentation, but that’s just me, you may have a different opinion on the matter 🙂

If you do a little more research on these things, you’ll find that in other countries, Maybelline has launched soooo many other colors, and I know that this has only recently come out in the Philippines and I don’t know if it’s possible (but I’m hoping) for them to hook us up with the other colors from past collections (although, some of those are limited edition). — Also, a little heads up, I don’t think this is available in ALL Maybelline counters at the moment because I tried at some Watson’s outlets and a couple Mercury drug outlets but they’re not available. I’m not sure if they haven’t arrived there yet or if they are specifically distributing these on specific stores only. 🙂

That’s it guys! If you are about to make a purchase or looking into purchasing them and you referenced to this, I hope that this has become helpful and informative. Thanks so much for your time and I will see you again next time for a new video.

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