Blogged: How to do your Eyebrows in 3 ways.

Hey guys! So many of you have asked me via social media and personally on how I do my eyebrows, this is my 3rd try at filming a decent demo, so hopefully this becomes very informative and useful to you.

There are 3 techniques or 3 ways you can do your eyebrows as shown in this video: With pencil, set with powder and defined with powder.

What I wasn’t able to show you in this video is that you can do your eyebrows with powder only, I just don’t really gravitate towards that technique because I have this scarring at the end/tail of my eyebrows which makes it hard for powder to stick to that area.
I promise to do another video focusing on powder only. I’ll probably just ask a friend or one of my sisters to model. :p

People have varied opinions about which looks more natural on the eyebrows, is it pencil or powder. I used to believe it was powder, but that was because I didnt know how I could manipulate pencil and use it in a way that it would look natural. Really, the possibilities of creating textures with pencil or powder is endless, it would just depend on how you use it, your choice of color/s and what effect or look you are going for.

There’s also a bunch of other products for the eyebrows that you can use. I guess I will make it a point to collect the products so I can demonstrate each one to you, but for the moment I can show you how to create your eyebrows with just the basic pencil and powder.

Products used:

L’oreal Super Liner eyebrow pencil in Blonde (yes, blonde I use this color because it has an ashy tone to it, which makes it very close to my actual hair color therefore looks more natural than if I used a brown.)
Ben Nye eyeshadows: Cork, Mink Sole & Black Brown (these colors are either neutral or cool toned so that they match the pencil)
L’oreal Lucent Magique Higlighter / Illuminator in Fair

As for the matter of choosing the perfect color for your eyebrows, I would suggest a color that’s 1 or 2 shades lighter than your hair, and like I said, should be neutral or cool-toned. Also, even if you have a red-toned hair color, try to stay away from shades that appear orange or reddish (brown) but then again, that’s just my personal opinion. If you’re comfortable in that color, don’t let me rain on your parade (or anyone, for that matter)

A few of my other eyebrow pet peeves apart from incorrect/inappropriate choice of color include: Overlining / Drawing in their eyebrows, Excessive use of brow mascara/brow set, and Weird shaped eyebrows to name a few. This happens very often, and I think the reason is because what they wanna do is “alter” their natural eyebrow color or shape. Ladies, you gotta own what you have! 😉

Anyway, we’ll go into more eyebrow stuff another time so that this blog isn’t too lengthy.

Please let me know how you do your eyebrows, what your favorite products are and anything eyebrow related.

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See you all again next time!



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