Review & Swatches: Colour Pop Lippie Stix

ColourPop is an American brand, initially known for their SuperShock Eyeshadows which are good quality eyeshadows with the intensity of (pressed) pigments.

Later on, they launched the Lippie Stix and the Lippie Pencils. They have soooooo many colors (and it’s still growing) and their color range is so wide, It’s impossible for you not to find at least 10 that you will absolutely love. Also, they are actively collaborating with popular beauty bloggers and beauty gurus. So, that’s also fun!

These lippie stix are currently available in 3 finishes: Glossy, Satin & Matte. The holiday collection (called Forget the Fruit Cake includes 2 variants with a ‘hyper glossy’ finish) Now,  If you have been following my blog(s) you would know that I’m not a fan of glossy lips, it’s just not for me. hich is why I only ordered either a satin or matte.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you 7 of the lippie stix that I have from the regular line, and I will be updating this post in the coming days for the swatches of the lippie pencils and the holiday collection.

1 - button

Button – is a satin finish, light peachy coral with a hint of beige.

2 - fetch

Fetch – satin finish, light cool toned pink

3 - i heart this

I ❤ This (I Heart This / I Love This) – matte,  bright reddish pink.

4 - ellarie

Ellarie – matte,  deep, wine red.5 - pitch

Pitch – is a matte, true brown

6 - flawless

Flawless – is a satin pinky-purple, almost like a magenta.

7 - leather

Leather – is a matte, rich eggplant purple.

The lippie pencils have a distinct vanilla scent to them, but it’s nothing that bothers me,  it’s not the kind of scent that lingers on your lips. I also find that the scent dissipates over the wear. The lippie stix are shaped ergonomically for ease in application. I feel like the pen-type design of the lippie stix is specifically helpful for those who are not particularly comfortable with applying their lipstick with the traditional bullet type packaging, so that’s good. The colors apply seamlessly, the satin finish ones are amazingly smooth on the lips, the matte ones are not drying, at all. In fact, they apply creamy like satin, and set as matte, but not flat and dry, you’ll still find some sheen over the lips which I find makes matte lips interesting because of the dimension.

The pigmentation on both the satin and matte finishes great, they don’t skip, or streak during application.

The wear is also pretty impressive, I used Fetch today on my model during a catalogue shoot and it stayed well til late in the afternoon, after so many outfit changes and after eating lunch. It does leave a stain over the lips so it still looks nice even when the full color leaves your lips.


The only negative thing I have to say about these things, is that they tend to flake in your inner lips during the wear. It’s not nasty, but it does bother me when I want to retouch on the color. If you have chapped/dry lips, this isn’t any good, because it’ll creep into the cracks of your lips. Soft, conditioned lips are best canvases to show off these babies (or any lip color, actually).

Finally,  the price. They retail for $5 a piece from the Colour Pop website, but the bummer is, these babies are only sold in the US, at least at the moment. But if you have friends / family in the states who can get these for you, then by all means, go ahead do that because that’s what I did.

However, if you don’t want  to or cannot go through that process, you can go ahead and get yours from local online sellers. I’m pretty sure my favorite online sellers: @prettymoody @usphilboutique & @nicolettemakeup can get them for you. Keep in mind that they are probably going to be on a pre-order basis, so you’ll need to wait at least 2-4 weeks before you get them, and it will definitely cost you a little bit more than what it is originally worth, but I’m here to tell you that they are worth the wait and every peso.

I guess, that’s it for my review of the Colour Pop Lippie Stix, I hope that this was helpful to some of you specially my Filipina readers who are interested in getting Colour Pop items. I will try to catch up and post swatches of the Lippie Pencils and the Lippie Stix from the “Forget the Fruitcake” set.  I will see you on my next post! Happy Holiday Shopping!

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