Tutorial: Navy and Wine Smoky Eyes

Some wear their smoky eyes to night outs and parties or evening engagements. I do, too.

But I also wear it to work and this particular one I wore on a job interview 🙂

Here’s a quick video on how to do it: http://youtu.be/g5hdOG1I-GU and below is a step by step guide. Enjoy!

1. A smoky eye is only good if it stays in place, so it’s nice to use a primer to begin (unless you peg yourself to be a panda after a while). You can go with whichever product you’re most comfortable with to use as a primer but for this one I used Smashbox Cream Liner in Caviar, (You can also use Laura Mercier Caviar stick in Navy or Plum, but this product sets really quick). You may use a brush but I prefer to use my finger to just roughly apply the product on the eyelid.

Not too far up the crease, you don’t want it too high. ( and don’t worry, It doesn’t have to be neat)

2. You have to be quick on this step because the cream liner sets pretty quick. I’m using the Sleek Bad Girl palette. I’m taking the color Obnoxious (or any dark navy color) on my medium eye shadow brush. Applying it in patting/pressing motions just over the area where I applied the cream liner.

3. Next, take Twilight (or any deep wine color) from the same palette using the same brush and roughly apply it just above Obnoxious.

4. Now, with a clean blending brush, buff the upper/outer edge (Twilight), going just above the crease.Notice how I diffuse the purple color before I blend where the two colors meet? — Continue blending until the colors become seamless. Then, with the same medium eyeshadow brush, run your navy colored shadow on your lower lashline as shown in the video.

5. To brighten the eyes, I’m using the color ‘Innocence’ (silvery white eyeshadow) from the same palette. You may use a small eyeshadow brush to apply this on the inner corner of your eyes but your fingers will work just fine.

6. Take a soft eyepencil to tightline your eyes. This will define the shape of the eyes, as well as create depth and sultriness for the look. If you’re not comfortable with pencil, you can try Laura Mercier’s Cake Liner in Noir. For this one, I’m using The Face Shop’s retractable pencil in black.

7. Take a clean eyeshadow brush, apply ‘Innocence’ to highlight your brow bones, this will also emphasize the shape of your brows.

8. You can finish with at least 2 coats of mascara or falsies for this look. Try Lancome’s Virtuose or Hypnose.

I hope this becomes helpful to you some time.

You can always wear whatever make-up you want as long as you wear your confidence with it. It will only look good on you if you believe that it does. 😉 — unless your mirror shatters, you may have to do it all over. Kidding! :p


sorry for the poor quality of the videos I’m posting, I’m using one hand to film and the other to maneuver the entire demo. 

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