End of the World, not.

People threw end of the world jokes around like there was no tomorrow. — I, myself made a few, because I am a non-believer of this prophecy the Mayans told once.

I am not religious, but I am true to my faith.

a false prophecy, this armageddon is… but have you thought to yourself; “if the world had ended, was I ready for it?” — you know? physically, emotionally, spiritually… 

Earlier today, I was out, thank God not for my petty work, but as a make-up artist. pulling around my traincase trolley and my over-sized Longchamp carrying make-up tools. 

After I did my client’s make-up, I realized: I at least got to do the one thing I loved to do the most before I (am supposed to) die, but like many would say, If the world really was going to end, I’d stay home and be with my family, but thank God he did not claim us.

sa sobrang saya ko, nakakain pa ako ng Kung Pao Chicken sa KFC! HAHA!

Truth is, I don’t think he’s going to claim us soon. I think he wants us to find a way to come back to him, because unlike many people, I don’t think God will end the world because he wants to punish us, i think he will end the world when he thinks we are prepared to meet him, and I also don’t believe the skies will crumble and the mountains will burn, and there will be a zombie apocalypse (as much as I love The Walking Dead).

I’ll believe it when it’s here.

What are your thoughts on 12-21-12?


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