Blogged: Mega Fashion Crew 3 Reloaded Episode 3

NERVES! NERVES again. I guess that always comes with the pressure.

Such an exciting challenge, as this week was all about the makeup! The makeup artists take the stage as we produce our dream shoot inspired by Paris, a Parisian woman.

Initially, I wanted to go for an easy going, fashionable, street chic editorial. But I figured it might look like a blogger’s ootd entry or a random photo of a girl. It wouldn’t really sell makeup or beauty. So, then my group and I went into the usual brainstorming (and I tell you it was a storm :p) and we came up with a concept… but I felt like it wouldn’t be as big as I’d want it.  It was my time. I wanted to show them what I could do 🙂

So… finally, I decided I want: Marie Antoinette

She’s ambitious, she’s powerful, she’s lavish, materialistic… and she’s French.

These are all negative traits, yes. But I wanted to focus on her luxury, glamour and power. I also wanted to focus on her beauty and put her in a perspective where she was a product endorser for a cosmetics brand, during the 1700’s.

I wanted it to be coherent with her era, but since it’s mine to tweak, we went for big, white, powdery and stringy hair, I wanted to make her a little gothic and of course I wanted cake. :p


This is our final output.

No. She didn’t have the cake in the photo, but she did play and crushed a red velvet cake on to the side of her face. :p

I know, it’s not a typical beauty ad or beauty campaign, but I am still convinced I’m selling that skin, those eyes and lips. 2 of the judges didn’t like the hair because they thought it made her look like a grandma, I wasn’t bothered by that at all. Most of it was positive after that though. They also pointed out that the skin looked grey and dead, which wasn’t news to me.

Over-all, I was pleased at how we pulled everything off. But I didn’t like post-processing entirely. I specifically instructed that I wanted the skin to be silvery-white, not taupe or grey for that matter, I feel like this skintone made my model look dead, but this is what we had and I had to stick with my defense during the judging.

The shoot went fine, despite the usual technical problem with the lights. We didn’t have a dress for her, but our stylist managed to create this fancy looking draping which mainly became bodice and pom-pom like shoulders for sleeves made from soft tulle 🙂 Our hairstylist went big but didn’t take away from the look, and of course, the makeup, I’m proud to say they didn’t retouch anything on the makeup. In the end, my team and I ranked 3rd and wasn’t chosen to compete at the Face-Off which is always the biggest relief.  

Did you watch this episode? What do you guys think?

Please let me know in the comments below if you love or hate this photo, or actually, please let me know what you love or hate on this photo. It would really be appreciated.

Here are some more photos 🙂

 MFC_ep04 MFC_ep04

Photos from during judging


Behind the scenes 


From left to right: Me, Yuno, Nicky, MJ & Franchesca

I will be sharing more of these Mega Fashion Crew stuff, I’ll even blog about the previous looks I’ve done on the show. It might be interesting to some of you. 🙂

But let me thank, Professional Artist Cosmetics – PAC Cosmetics Philippines for supporting me on this one. They provided an absolutely divine selection of products to help me pursue and achieve this look for my Marie Antoinette. I will be blogging about the products I used and how I did it in the coming days, I just wanted to focus this blog on the over-all view of the episode.

By the way, there’s a replay on Saturday, 10am on ETC. Please don’t forget to watch that if you missed it last Monday. I’ll leave you with the plug from Episode 3, until next time! 🙂

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