Blogged: How to Depot a Lipstick using heat

Tired of the hassle of the weight and space issue of carrying 4 lipstick tubes in your kikay kit? — Have you considered depotting /detubing your lipsticks?

I know, I know it sounds kinda harsh specially if you love the packaging of your lipstick and if you’re more comfortable with applying your lipstick straight from the tube, but if you aren’t bothered by that at all, here are a couple of techniques to depot your lipstick and save space and weight on your carrier Image
Photo on the left side is done by scraping bits of lipstick from the tube (using a spatula) and transferring it in an empty container. You’ll just have to try and flatten it the best you can.
Pro’s: faster, less to zero product wastage
Con’s: Messy

The one the right side is done by heating the lipstick over candle flame and transferring the melted product into the container. (Click link to watch video demo:
Pro’s: Neat
Con’s: Product wastage since a lot of the product will remain on the spoon after you pour the melted product in a container, Time consuming. It takes about 5-7 minutes to do the entire process per tube of lipstick. — and I did 12 lipsticks a while ago, so go figure 

4 vs 1

Here’s a visual comparison of the space you can save. 4 lipsticks depotted vs. 1 tube of lipstick

P.S. when you pour the product in the container and you notice bubbles, please DO tap the container to eliminate the bubbles, don’t be lazy like me :p or I mean, you can just ignore it like I did since I know I’m gonna be scraping and digging into these palettes in no time hehe 😀

So, there! I hope this is helpful and interesting to some of you  please let me know if you have other methods in depotting lippies or if you have questions about the procedure 

Thanks loves!

3 thoughts on “Blogged: How to Depot a Lipstick using heat

    1. yep, I do it because I’m usually on the go and the space is a very important issue in my traincase. I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of it before, because I love seeing the tubes but eventually the space and the weight has become a concern. — but if you’re the type of person who’s more comfortable with applying your lipstick straight from the tube and one who isn’t really bothered by bringing multiple tubes of lipstick on a daily basis, then I don’t see why you have to do this 🙂


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