Blogged: 10 Days of Beauty Tag

Hey you guys! there’s this beauty tag called #10daysofbeauty that @makeupinmanila from instagram has started, I had
originally planned to do the tag only on instagram, but I felt like I could share the items to you more in detail if I also put
them on my blog.


Originally, you’re supposed to do an item per day, but I think I’d like to make it a June thing so I’m going to do the items every couple of days until we get to Day 10. — I’ve plotted the days when I’m going to do and share them on my instagram and on here, so don’t worry. 😉

Also, another thing I wanna do is keep the items to a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 items per category so that the explanation and detailing of products will not take me forever and a day to explain. 🙂

If you are interested to do this, too, please consider yourself tagged and place the link of your post in the comments section below (or to the side, wherever my comment tab is :D). If you’re posting this tag on instagram, don’t forget to mention and hashtag @makeupinmanila #makeupinmanila, #10daysofbeauty so that we could all go check each other’s favorites are 🙂

Alright, then! It is 1st June and what perfect timing to start this tag.
Kicking of the #10daysofbeauty tag is: Favorite Makeup Products — and keeping with my personal rule of choosing only 3-5 items, these are my absolute favorite makeup products, in no particular order.

MAC Face and Body foundation – Give me a raise of hands those who are so relieved that this is finally available in the
Philippines! 😀 (I know, I’m raising my hand) — this foundation, is so… so…. so… irresistible. I wear this foundation a lot of
times. It’s buildable, it’s light, it’s got a great texture and over-all a lovely formula.


TheBalm, Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette – it has everything I need. 12 eyeshadows of different textures, the colors on this palette feel like they were picked out specifically for me hehe :p I cannot say anything negative about this thing. It has my favorite highlighter of all time (there’s a hint for you) and a very subtle blush almost like Cabana boy, I think and 2 lip and cheek products that work like a dream (although personally I like Milly on the lips better and Vanilly for the cheeks)


Next up, Ben Nye Neutral Set (or RCMA Colorless Powder). Okay, I am acidic and always tend to have a problem with choosing my foundation (actually, no I’m exaggerating) but no, really. I love either products because you can never go worng with it. No second guessing on color matching with your skin tone and color, it doesn’t cake, doesn’t shine, stays long and ooh.. it doesn’t reflect when you use it on flash photography (remember the most recent Angelina Jolie makeup mishap?) This thing is an amazing all over setting powder and it is invisible. 🙂


Lashes have always played a dominant part in any of my eyelooks, and there’s only one mascara that I have kept repurchasing (and hoarding) ever since I discovered it. It is a cheap one but a very amazing one. It is the Freshian Volumizing Mascara from The Face Shop. It does what it says it will do, not to mention an awesome lengthening factor in the mascara, too. Also, it is absolutely easy to clean up or take off. If you shop around the Makati stores, I’m probably the reason why they go out of stock. I’m sorry. hehe I’m kidding, I only stalk a couple Makati stores.


Okay! Last, but definitely not the least is the In2It Eyebrow combo. Before this product, I was into pencils and then I got into the Urban Decay brow box, but was too hard to get my hands on to because we’re here in the Philippines and so I got into The Body Shop’s eyebrow kit (which I still love) but I go through these things pretty quickly that I had to find a cheaper alternative and came across this product when I was at Watson’s. This combination is perfect for me. The lightest shade (which obviously is always first to hit pan) goes into the inner most part of my eyebrows, it also serves as my contour color for the sides of my nose. The middle color goes into the middle part of my eyerbrows and the darkest one goes very lightly at the end of my eyebrow or when I feel I have overplucked or shaved my eyebrows, this color patches the spots really well. This trio also serves as my facial contour product when I’m on the go, and you can also use these colors to create a neutral eyeshadow look. You can tell that this product is so well loved, right? If you are into powder products for your eyebrows, this would be a great cheap alternative, or may even be your new substitute.


Phew! That was hard. I swear, there are still other things I could add into this list/category but I don’t wanna bore you with it a long list. So, there you go, that is my 5 Favorite Makeup Products for Day 1 of my #10daysofbeauty by makeupinmanila. I hope to find your favorite stuff in the comments section and find links of your blog as well.

Thank you! I hope these suggestions and details were helpful to some of you, I will see you again next time!


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