Blogged: Highlight and Contour Technique for Oily/Combination Skin


Hey you guys! I know, so many highlight and contour videos are available out there, but I have my personal technique that works better on me (for my skin type) which is why I wanted to share it with you 🙂 — During the summer, I find that my skin is more oily, but typically I have Combination to oily skin, meaning my T-zone is pretty much my problem area. Which is why powder products are my best friend 🙂

On most Highlight and Contour videos, You’ll see that there is a lot of products involved, my technique requires a little less product, but I find that this is more suitable considering my skin’s requisites.

So, here’s where I’m at: I’m acidic which in effect makes any product darker than it normally is, after putting on makeup, except on the lips and area area, I think they’re fine.  At first glance I’d say I’m between an NC 30-35 give or take, but actually I find that my best color is NC 20-25. YUP! Way too light for me. AT FIRST. But I’ll give it usually a minute or so and then it starts oxidizing and I’m all good.

It took me quite a few product experimentations to get me into this routine, being acidic always bore a factor to choosing my shades. Not only is being my acidic a pain to deal with, having oily skin makes it hard to get anything to stay on without a primer or it’s hard to get anything to stay as matte as when you first apply it if that’s the looking I’m going for. Good thing, I personally like my makeup better after it has set and there’s a shine to it, it looks more natural and if you do your foundation right, it even makes your skin look healthy and glowing.

So how do I choose products?

You always have to determine your skin color and your skin type before you purchase your makeup. I’ve seen and heard so many people blame the products for not working, but they are forgetting the first thing about makeup, which is: Compatibility.

Going back to basics if you have Oily Skin, the best products for you are usually in powder form, those cream to powder finishes, water-based products that let your skin breathe, but doesn’t offer a very good staying power. Also, Silicon-based ones that stay amazingly long could be good too, but you know, some people might be allergic to silicone.

Having mentioned those products, you also have to consider what your skin’s current status is before you even go makeup shopping. — Do you have dry patches, do you have sensitive skin? are there specific areas that are more sensitive than the others? Are you acidic? Are you acne prone? — These things are always factors to consider when you’re doing your makeup. You don’t always need to buy whatever is being hyped on the internet, magazines, youtube, your friends or anywhere else. You always have to put first the compatibility of the product for your skin tone and skin type.

Having said all that, you’ll notice that in this video, I used mostly powder to set, highlight and contour my face. In other videos, you’ll see them use cream and liquid products before they use powder, which is a lot of products for me to put on my face personally, so I worked around it and found me my own way to highlight and contour 🙂

I also wanna mention that the end result is not always how my makeup would look like on a daily basis, i usually stop at Contouring with a bronzer, just to give back some warmth and color into my skin after the foundation and concealing. but If I’m going somewhere more special or an evening thing, I’d add more dimension, maybe even go on with a deeper taupe contour powder just to really define the contours.

1bronzerContouring with a bronzer : You can find this at 3:14 of the video. It’s warm, I’d say natural if applied correctly in the right areas, the right way and in an appropriate color. It would really compliment you if you if you’re sporting a tan or if you’re wearing this during the summer. Tip: A flattering bronzer does not look orange or red on your skin, it should look like a warmer version of your skin tone.  Ideally 2-3 shades darker.


Contouring with a bronzer and then a bronzing powder. As you can see, this is cooler, more identical to your natural shadows, it defines your face shape better. Tip: shadows are usually ashy or grayish so test out contouring powders that are 2-3 shades deeper than your skin color, but cooler in tones.




Nobody’s perfect… until they contour! 😉  At least, almost. :p hehe! I hope this was helpful to some of you, specially to those who share my skin type. I’d like to know what other products work for you if you have oily or combination skin when it comes to highlight and contouring your face. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and Subscribe if you haven’t already. Please also follow my blog (this one)  and my instagram (@giabeybeh) if you’re on there, as well.

Thanks and I’ll see you again next time! 🙂



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