Review and Demo: Sleek Blush by 3 in Pink Sprint

There’s still a few more Sleek Makeup product reviews in line but I wanted to get into this one, try it out and review it for you guys.

This is my second blush from Sleek Makeup but the first one I got was a single, in the shade “Life’s a Peach” which I would say is a dupe for the NARS Torrid Blush. I got it ages ago and it pretty much is just a broken mess (that I still use) stored in my vanity 😉 — and now, I have four!

1This trio is called “Pink Sprint” and out of all the 8 shades from the line, this I have to say is the brightest 3 combined in one palette.

2The palette comes in three colors (L-R):
Pinktini, Pink Ice and Pink Parfait and they are in the pink to dark mauvy- red range which is generally best for deeper skin tones. I’d say I’ve got a medium complexion, and acidic (which means my makeup tends to go dark on me) so this color will eventually darken (for sure) but, you’ll be surprised at how great it looks on my complexion.


3Pinktini is a matte, deep, purplish-red. It is very rich in color, smooth in texture and very blendable.
Pink Ice is a blue-toned pink. The lightest one in the palette is still a vibrant one. It’s also matte,blendable and smooth, like the first one
Pink Parfait is the medium color in the palette, when swatched it is very close to Pink Ice, but when applied, it is a more purply. Like the other two, this is also matte, and smooth, it’s easy to blend.

1aThis is me, wearing the color Pink Parfait with my usual foundation, color.


On here, I went for some darker foundation and used the Pinktini at the base of my cheeks and Pink Ice on the apples of my cheeks.

These colors would work best with a lighthand, they are strongly pigmented, which may overwhelm you, but when used sparingly and correctly, they give such a natural flush on the cheeks and can be really compatible for your complexion, regardless of the tone.

Also, here’s an alternative way to enjoy this trio! I mainly used Pinktini and Pink Parfait to create the gradient with YDK as base and Bootycall as inner corner highlight, and finally Blackout for the Outer V and lower lashline, all from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

2On the face here, I tried the Essence Clear & Matt, Oil-Free foundation in 03 Sand (oh, but it was terrible, can you tell?)  and the Lip Color is called Clip from LA Colors (which I love :D)

Over all, this blush, like all the other Sleek Makeup I have product I have tried perform so well. There were no misses, everything wore well, I also tried it without foundation and sprayed over the MAC Fix + and my skin just looked like I’d just been in the beach. 🙂

This is available at the Sleek Makeup counters at The Ramp, Crossing Shangri-la and Trinoma. You can also check their Facebook page. Better yet, check out the Updated Trends website to order online.



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