Blogged: Amber Eyes and Purple Lips + Update!

I know! We don’t have a fall season here in the Philippines, but if we had it, it is (for sure) going to be my favorite season, just because I love the colors during the Fall, it is just so up my alley, and if you know me, that alley is pretty dramatic, dark and intense. :p

I’m trying to balance out using a mix of High-end and drugstore products, on my videos but I think the choices on this one have ended up more on the high-end side, so I guess my upcoming videos will have to be using more drugstore products.

Anyway, other than this look right here, I just wanted to let you guys know why I have been AWOL for the past month, on youtube. For one, I have been swamped with work (blessings, and I’m not complaining) which is why I haven’t gotten around making any videos and because my skin went through a difficult phase and I just waited for it to be somehow acceptable before I went in front of the camera again. As you can see in the beginning of this video, I have some scarring around the chin and an annoying dot on my right cheek, and that was all because of one product.

I don’t recall my skin being particularly sensitive and the only time my skin ever reacted to something was when I had used Neutrogena Deep Clean, which was ages and ages ago. My break-outs were usually caused by PMS and they went away very quickly, but this last time the bumps kind of recurred and hopped from one spot to another. It was frustrating 😥 I’ve never had my skin react that way to a product and that is the


Yes, I know. It has been the most raved about drugstore foundation and I understand why, but that was the reason why my skin broke out so bad and I have a ton of pimple scars right now. Anyways, I curse that foundation and I’m glad for those of you who have tried it and didn’t experience the same fate as I did.

So! Enough of that, Going back to this new video, here’s the complete list of products I’ve used on this video and below are some photos of the finish look.

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven skin base
Graftobian Corrector Palette
MAC Matchmaster Foundation in 2.0
Tarte LE Rainforest AfterDark Palette (Park Avenue Princess Bronzer, Champagne Highlighter)
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow in 25
Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Palette (Orange Soda, Sienna)
Tarte LE Rainforest AfterDark Palette ( don’t turn a-brown)
Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre in Topaz
L’oreal Curl Impact Mascara

The Body Shop lip butter
MAC Cyber
MAC Ruby Woo

I went for the pairing with Cyber in the end, because… I can. haha! I think MAC Nightmoth, Smoked Purple or Taupe would be really good too, but I unfortunately don’t have those anymore.


Alternately, this pairing with Riri Woo turns out looking like a romantic and sophisticated makeup for those of us with a slightly limited extent of “boldness”. You can also try Diva for something a red that’s a little more daring.

1That’s it for now, I should be back soon with another dark eyes + dark lips combo soon, and a few other requested looks, and I should be able to put those up when I get the chance to edit.

I hope that the blog and the video has been helpful to some of you, please follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already. Thanks very much and  I’ll see you guys next time!



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