Blogged: Spotlight Eyes | Lorac Pro 2 Palette

I’ve done this technique a few times on myself and on my clients and I just love how this look gives a lot of emphasis and attention to the eyes. Today, I’m busting out my new Lorac Pro 2 palette (which I didn’t know why I took so long to decide on getting), but now that I have it and used it, I personally love how it turned out!

I got my Lorac Pro 2 palette a couple weeks ago from @nicolettemakeup from Instagram for a really good price, possibly the lowest I’ve encountered in Manila. If you have been a follower of my blog you very well know by now that she’s one of my trusted online sellers.

Going back to the Lorac Pro 2 palette, there’s so many reviews out there about this wonderful palette and can I just say, I am so pleased to finally join the Lorac bandwagon on these pro palettes. I have yet to receive the original Lorac Pro palette, which I’ve already put an order for and I may have to retire all my other palettes once I get that one and the Lorac Mega Pro (which my boyfriend got for me) in my hands! I’m not even kidding!

The Viseart palettes have been raved so much about in terms of the pigmentation and quality and color selection, but it is super expensive and I dunno if I wanna splurge that much money on an eyeshadow palette since I already know I’m going to love my Lorac Pro palette, but that’s for another discussion, so let’s forget I even mentioned that! :p

The colors on this palette are cooler compared to the first Pro palette, which was definitely a range of warm-tones neutrals. On here, there’s a selection of some jewel tones such as Jade, Copper and Chrome and those nice pops of color in Plum and Navy, which are all great colors for olive skin tones and brown eyes, which can generally be seen on Filipinas. So, if you have been on the fence for a long time because you don’t know if it’ll be put to good use, I tell you, you can bash that  woe goodbye once you get this on your hands and you start playing up the looks and this is just one of the many amazing looks you can create using this palette.

Here’s a full list of the products used and some photos of the final look:

Dior Skin Forever
Benefit Hoola Powder for bronzing
Graftobian Corrector Palette for concealing, correcting and highlighting
Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Powder
Milani Rose Blush in Warm Petals

Nyx Eyebrow Gel in Brunette (which I’m not so fond of anymore)
L’oreal Curl Impact Mascara
Lorac Pro 2 Palette
Andrea Lash Adhesive

MAC Rebel
MAC Up the Amp

2 1


And that’s it! I hope that this was helpful to some of you and that you liked this look, please leave in the comments section what you think about this look and if you have any suggestions for my upcoming looks. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again next time,



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