5 Minutes to Gorgeous

I’m a little late starting my blog up for the new year, 2017. But, it’s still January and I have partnered with Shop5Minutes.com to give you a quick & easy makeup tutorial that you can do whether you have a minute, 3 minutes or a full 5 minutes.

This look is perfect for busy days or lazy days, but looking put together is still part of the agenda.

I’ve had a very busy beginning of 2017. My Husband and I moved to a new place and it took us about 2 weeks to finally get everything fixed up here before we can finally say we’re done. We got errands left and right but leaving the house without makeup was something I didn’t allow to happen. I just had to steal at least 5 minutes from my busy day so I can put together this look. Call it vanity, I call it taking care of myself. At least, while I can still manage it.

Thank you guys for being part of my 2016, I hope you have a wonderful & abundant 2017 ahead. As always, please give this video a thumbs up if you like, subscribe to my channel as well as my blog, if you’re not already and I’ll see you again next time!

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