Review: Maybelline Soda Pop Eyeshadow Palette


Today we’re talking about the NEW Maybelline Soda Pop eyeshadow palette. This product released about a month ago and I have been testing it out [and procrastinating, for the most part]. But, I will tell you right now, this is not like any other Maybelline eyeshadow palette I have tried.

This palette retails for $13.99. You get 12 eyeshadows in this palette. 5 of them are matte, 5 are definitely frost finishes, 1 has more of a satin finish and that rosy shade called Soda Fizz has bits of glitter in it.

Here are the swatches. As always, I applied them on my clean, dry forearm. No primer or base underneath. Each of the eyeshadows were swirled from the pan 5 times (with my finger) and swiped with 3 passes, except for the shades Cola Float, Crushing, Soda Fizz and Cherry Cola they all showed up really well on the first pass.


I give this palette high praises. The quality is definitely something I haven’t seen and experienced from any other Maybelline eyeshadow. I am so impressed with the pigmentation, specially with the purples. All of the eyeshadows show up on the eyes the way they look like in the pans. They’re soft, which causes the powder to kick up a bit, there’s minimal fallout, but it’s nothing you can’t fix. Also, I recommend using a primer on your lids. While this palette has really great pigmentation, it does crease and fade. as demonstrated in the photos below. On the left, you’ll see an obvious fading and creasing on the eyes after 10 hours of wear without primer. On the right, same shadows used on top of  MAC 24 hour extend eye base. No fading, minimal creasing.

Last thing before I wrap this up, the other thing I really admire about this palette is how the colors are laid out. Below are just 4 of the combinations that you can consider, but you can clearly see the palette is also broken down into trios if you would like a simpler, on-the-go look.

That’s it for this review! Please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and on YouTube! If you have tried this palette, please let me know what you think about the palette, share your looks in the comments, too!

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